A confused, confusable, and confusing dad, husband, and son. A good professional, a better amateur. Writing weird fiction, poems, observations, and reflections.

Born an only child; raised with my imaginary siblings by a single, caring, and spoiling mother; supported by odd but loving grandparents; complicatedly loved and abandoned by my now deceased father, a strange combination I know. He fancied himself a writer and generally clever. What’s that saying about apples and trees?

Growing up, I loved watching sports, playing board games, whiffle ball, and other sporting-related activities with friends, music, and television… it was the 70s.

An awkward, shy…

Come join me inside the brain of anxiety

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A long day and I’m exhausted but can’t fall asleep what the fuck I worked hard my body is tired my mind is tired yet I can’t shut down my damn brain why not I was tired when watching tv on the couch took my melatonin and sleeping pills yet here I am mind racing and eyes open staring at the ceiling this sucks shit I’m going to be so tired in the morning this isn’t fair why me why do I have to suffer this I’m a good person ah bullshit I’ve done some bad shit maybe I deserve…


Ironic storytelling — dispelling stigma.

Photo by Susan Corbin (of the author)

She was well-adjusted yet so judgmental of others who weren’t that she developed phobophobia. Her ego and denial prevented acknowledgement of the disorder, leading to isolation. This simple, maladaptive decision contributed to her eventual agoraphobic lifestyle.

Jacob was an extrovert, the life of the party, and never tired of hanging with friends and drinking. He didn’t understand others’ sadness and depression, and said they just needed to live life to its fullest. Over time, however, alcohol being a depressive, he started feeling depressed, so drank more and more. …

KTHT 15-Day Writing Challenge, Day 12

You want it? This brings it!

Photo by Author Sean Corbin (Frankfort, Michigan)

the ability to instill fear

This facilitates order,
and simplicity
North Korea, China, and Russia
Comply or die
A bumper sticker in the Handmaids Tale

Come visit, the doors are open, the tent is large
Weakness, compliance, and cowardness preferred
But creativity, original thought, and freedom
Will be greeted, violently
Self-expression = insurrection
Intellectual integrity = sedition
Autonomy = coup d’etat

Ironically, however, freedom does not exist without order
Creativity does not exist without structure
Original thought does not exist without simplicity
As anarchy promotes cancel culture,
The strongest rules, majority silenced
Pandemonium promotes mobocracy
Promotes nihilism, promotes revolution,
Promotes rebellion, promotes mutiny


A who’s on first, what’s on second discussion — with thought bubbles…

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(I’m a little nervous but gotta ask) Hey man, what was your problem last night? Why such petty behavior?

What behavior? (what the Hell is he talking about?)

You know what behavior. (don’t play stupid with me, dumb ass) It was petty.

I haven’t stolen anything. (what’s this asshole accusing me of?)

What are you talking about now? (this guy is petty and clueless)

You’re apparently accusing me of petty theft. I don’t steal.

No, no, your behavior last night, it was petty.

Last night? Oh, you mean with my girlfriend? How’d you know about that? We just did a…

Sean F Corbin

A confused, confusable, and confusing dad, husband, and son. Weird fiction, poems, and observations. Buy me a coffee https://www.buymeacoffee.com/SeanFCorbin

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