A re-definition

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Boring, which is defined as not interesting or tedious…

Well, that’s a heaping pile of fresh, stanky, fly-grabbing bullshit!

It depends on what one compares a “boring” activity to. Many in our society find inebriated carousing, fisticuffs, witching-hour jocularity, sleepy-time fireworks, or bonfire hoots and hollers, entertaining.

Many of us…




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We scamper from house to building, squatting
Akin to an aging MLB catcher
Becoming slower and less adept as time passes
As our garb and protective equipment fades and frays

Chronic fear and complex trauma, our constant companions
Bathing us
As ocean waves
Rhythmically crash the shores and rocks and cliffs at Torre…



Next to me, in my darkest hours

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Surrounding death and isolative distress
My darkest hours
A deep, inescapable and cavernous despondency
Occurring incrementally
As if an unbeknownst gravitational pull toward a blackhole
Devouring the flesh
Before the mind’s awareness

And then I saw shadows

Restless and irritable and listless
Sleep — disturbing and interrupted
Distracted and dismantled perceptions
Like walking…



Those little moments of ours.

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

If only I could travel time and redo those little moments of ours, with the me of today. The me of today wholeheartedly — wholeheartedly — expresses deep love for you. That younger me tried but did not and could not. He was emotionally feeble. If the me of today…



Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Cocooned, for all of winter
Protected from the elements
Yet unable to bloom and stretch and breathe

The weather breaks
If only for a moment
Accepted invitation from sun and warmth

Sitting, eyes closed —
As our star’s brightness bathes and heals
Invigorates and inspires

Energetic calmness surrounds
Serotonergic contentment abounds



War is crime. Putin is crime. Ukraine is antithesis.

Photo by Olga Subach on Unsplash

This is mid-evil, a Batman’s insane Bane.
These war crimes in Ukraine.

War is crime, irreversibly damaging buildings, body, and mind.

Putin is crime, indiscriminately and meaninglessly
Snuffing existence whilst piercing, like a butcher’s knife,
Trauma into hearts and minds and bodies.
Trauma in this generation, yes, but also the next…