“Yikes!” Yup, that’s the appropriate response.

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Some months before my dad’s passing, I described a childhood story to a friend of a nude beach encounter. The friend was surprised as the experience was facilitated by my dad — when I was age 11, just barely in middle school.

I lived in Michigan and was visiting him…


Bambini — everyone is doing it

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I am relatively new to Medium authoring, especially poetry. But, I have long been enamored by the written word. There’s joy in this new endeavor. I’ve tapped into something previously unknown — or maybe it’s tapped into me. Maybe that’s how things work. Everything is interconnected, more deeply than we…

A confused, confusable, and confusing dad, husband, and son. A good professional, a better amateur. Writing weird fiction, poems, observations, and reflections.

Born an only child; raised with my imaginary siblings by a single, caring, and spoiling mother; supported by odd but loving grandparents; complicatedly loved and abandoned by my…

Spock hated Kirk — Bones loved Kirk — Spock and Bones hated each other — Scotty was clueless and Kirk hated them all

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And here’s the backstory. Captain Kirk was a jealous, insecure, egocentric, mean-spirited son of a bitch. Oh, you’d like a little detail… here we go.

Were you aware that Mr. Spock was a highly acclaimed astrophysicist? A Ph.D. A non-medical doctor. Dr. Spock, in fact.

James T. Kirk underachieved in…

Official diagnoses from my physician.

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When I was a child (an only child, by the way) during elementary school, I was outgoing, popular, innocent, and oh so self-centered. I thought I was the shit. I have a good sense of how this came to be, but that’s for another story.

Middle school was drastically different…

Sean F Corbin

Writing in progress, please stand by

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