“Yikes!” Yup, that’s the appropriate response.

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Some months before my dad’s passing, I described a childhood story to a friend of a nude beach encounter. The friend was surprised as the experience was facilitated by my dad — when I was age 11, just barely in middle school.

I lived in Michigan and was visiting him…


Bambini — everyone is doing it

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I am relatively new to Medium authoring, especially poetry. But, I have long been enamored by the written word. There’s joy in this new endeavor. I’ve tapped into something previously unknown — or maybe it’s tapped into me. Maybe that’s how things work. Everything is interconnected, more deeply than we…

It’s exactly — and nothing — as you imagine

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Yes, I pushed her and shouldn’t have. That was wrong. But I’ve never done it before with her or any other person. She just knows how to push my buttons. She’s not the loving, fun woman I married. She’s serious all the time, and mean sometimes. She talks down to…

A confused, confusable, and confusing dad, husband, and son. A good professional, a better amateur. Writing weird fiction, poems, observations, and reflections.

Born an only child; raised with my imaginary siblings by a single, caring, and spoiling mother; supported by odd but loving grandparents; complicatedly loved and abandoned by my…

You know you want to fucking do it

Motivation body language, or you’re number one
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Precontemplation (unmotivated for change)
Fuck off
Eat shit and die
Go to Hell
Shove it up your ass

Contemplation (considering a change)
Ah, what the fuck?
Well shit
What the Hell?
Damn it to all to Hell
This is a pain in the ass

Preparation (motivated but hasn’t changed yet)
Sure, fuck it
Shit yeah
Hell yeah
Hot damn
Okay, let’s open that can of whoop ass

Action (changing)
I’m fucking doing it
This shit rocks
All Hell is breaking loose
Damn right
I’m kicking ass

Maintenance (maintaining the change)
I’m still fucking doing it
I could do this shit forever
I’m still giving them Hell
Damn straight
Still kicking ass and taking names

Recovery (changed)
I feel fucking good
I’m the shit
I’m hot as Hell
I’m damn good
My ass is in gear

Sean F Corbin

Writing in my next 50 years…

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